Susie Fin - Children's and Inspirational Author

Susie has been an Early Childhood Educator for 30 years. She has taught from Augathella to Toobeah and various places in between.

Susie has a natural affinity with the land and all the wonders that nature holds. Inspired by sunrises and a positive attitude to life, Susie is excited her zest for life with the world.

Having established her own publishing company, Susie Fin Publishing, Susie is planning more exciting books to inspire adults and captivate the imagination of children.

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"Like a Bird Without Wings"
Laugh and the World laughs with you. Cry...And you Wet Your Pillow
My Personal Journey ~ Your Personal Journal

This beautiful book is filled with Susie's stunning photographs and inspirational quotes.

A percentage of the profits from the sale of this book will go to "Tie Up the Black Dog" and St Andrew's Toowoomba Hospital, West Ward.

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"Fergie and Claude" is Susie Fin's first children's picture book.

The story is about a green frog and a French green tree snake.

Susie's beautiful photographs capture the actual event.

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